K12 Solutions from Betabox Learning:

🏫 District Implementations

Enroll your district in a Betabox Hands-On Learning Accreditation Program

The Total Package.

Implement the entire Betabox suite of services in your district.

  • Tailored Implementation plan based on analysis of district needs
  • Onsite Field Trips at multiple schools in district
  • Educator Memberships for enrolled schools, complete with professional development, curriculum, and equipment checkouts.
  • Program effectiveness data evaluation
  • Media packet shared with district

Featured Multi-District Programs:

Your district may already be eligible to receive a full-loaded Betabox Implementation at no cost. If your school is located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, or Mississippi apply today to be considered.


NC Betabox Pilot

North Carolina
North Carolina middle and high schools can receive free Betabox Implementations to help combat learning loss.
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LINCS Learning Lab

10 Counties - Southern Alabama
Middle and High Schools in a ten county region of Alabama can apply for this STEM/CTE program build with The University of West Alabama.
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Future Readiness Initiative

South Carolina
South Carolina schools can apply for free Betabox Programs funded by an Innovation Grant.
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Ready to level up hands-on learning in your district?

If you're an educator or administrator interested in inviting the full Betabox Learning experience into your school, apply for a Betabox District Implementation. If accepted, your district will receive all Betabox resources including Onsite Field Trips at your schools at no cost.

Apply for a Betabox District Implementation