K12 Solutions from Betabox Learning:

Educator Membership

A Betabox School Membership is like a hands-on learning operating system for your entire staff.

How can Betabox help my school?

That depends on what your school needs! We offer a collection of services and resources each designed to address a particular blocker that is holding your school back from leveling up your hands-on learning.

Here is a summary of each of our services, and the gap they are each intended to fill:

Onsite Field Trips: High- energy technology experiences that take place in your school's parking lot in a Betabox Mobile Tech Lab. These experiences are intended to generate interest and awareness of STEM careers amongst your student population. As an added effect, many teachers tell us that observing these events rekindles a passion for implementing hands-on learning in the classroom. Learn More.



Give me everything please....

If you're an educator or administrator interested in inviting the full Betabox Learning experience into your school, apply for a Betabox District Implementation. If accepted, your district will receive all Betabox resources including Onsite Field Trips at your schools at no cost.

Apply for a Betabox District Implementation