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Hey, nice to meet you, we’re Betabox Learning.

A hands-on learning operating system for your school district.


Hey, nice to meet you, we’re Betabox.

A hands-on learning operating system for your school district.

🤕 What’s Broken?

Why haven’t more classrooms moved towards a guided hands-on learning model?

In a post-2020 world, professional development needs rethinking. While it can be fun to attend a PD conference, it's also a costly way to train teachers.

Even worse, studies suggest this modality of training fails to meaningfully improve student outcomes. Without great teacher training, hands-on learning is left to the 'hero teachers' to figure it out on their own. These teachers end up burning out, and potentially even switching careers.

🌈 What Betabox Offers:

Betabox provides student experiences, curriculum, instructional coaching, and the hands-on equipment needed to help students build engineering and computer science skills.

đŸ¤¯ Experiences

Book epic Betabox hands-on learning experiences for your students. Bring a Betabox Mobile Tech Lab onsite to your parking lot, or book a virtual project.

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Industry Approved Projects

🗂ī¸ Project Curriculum

Sustain the excitement generated from Betabox Experiences by bringing hands-on learning into the classroom. Our multi-disciplinary team of educators, engineers, designers, and makers create hands-on learning projects that engage students.

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Modernized Teacher Training

ℹī¸ Coaching

We’re rethinking Professional Development by bringing it online, real-time, and on-demand. Educators using Betabox can chat with Betabox Instructional Coaches at any time to help implement our curriculum.

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STEM Equipment Rental System

đŸ“Ļ Checkouts

Imagine a library, but for hands-on learning equipment and materials! Simply reserve STEM equipment you need from Betabox, get it in the mail shipped to your school, and ship back when done.

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