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Betabox helps STEM brands inspire and prepare K12 students for a tech-driven future.



We make it easy for companies of any size to play a vital role in K12 technology education.

Our mission at Betabox Learning is to create memorable hands-on learning experiences for learners everywhere.

Today, too many potential Nobel Prize winners and innovators aren’t able to discover their passions and hone their technology skills due to location and financial constraints.

By partnering with some of the most respected STEM companies in the world, Betabox Learning helps to close this opportunity gap by distributing hands-on learning curricula to rural and other underserved locations.

Since 2015, our Industry Boosted experiences have been adopted by schools in 25 states, and 325,000 students have participated.

While closing this opportunity gap is our primary mission, we also work to create measurable returns for our industry partners. Our industry partners have reported 4x-10x returns on program costs in areas such as:

  • Employer brand equity
  • Talent recruitment
  • In-community brand recognition
  • Workforce retention

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Industry Boost Products

From in-person events to online programs, Betabox enables multiple ways for CSR & brand teams to impact in K12 education in authentic ways.

Hands-on Experiential Marketing

Mobile Lab Experiences

Betabox Lab Experiences bring hands-on learning to communities and Title 1 schools in co-branded mobile tech labs. These community engagement programs are designed to expose under-resourced students to innovative technologies they would not otherwise experience in school.

Financial Aid Support

Scholars Fund

Support low-income Betabox Scholars and Title 1 K12 Schools through contributions to our Scholars Fund. Remove the financial barrier for student seeking to access Betabox hands-on programs.

Digital Educational Marketing

Sponsored Projects

Support the development and distribution of new hands-on kits, online “Quests,” and standards aligned lesson plans that immerse students in your industry or field.

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