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Betabox helps STEM brands create ‘Aha’ moments for future tech leaders.



Betabox believes that STEM companies should demand net-positive financial returns from CSR initiatives.

Our mission is to create remarkable hands-on learning experiences for learners everywhere. This means that our programs must be equitably accessible to all households and schools. To do this, we design world-class experiential and digital hands-on learning curriculum on behalf of some of the most respected STEM companies in the world.

Since 2015 these Betabox Boost Programs have been adopted by schools in 25 states, and have been experienced by 325,000 students. Our partners have reported 7x-10x returns on program cost in terms of business-specific metrics such as employer brand equity, brand impressions, workforce retention, and others.


Industry Boost Products

From in-person events to online programs, Betabox enables multiple mechanisms CSR & brand teams can leverage to impact in education in authentic ways.

Hands-on Experiential Marketing

Branded Lab Experiences

Betabox Lab Experiences bring hands-on learning to communities and Title 1 schools. Partner with us to brand and tailor these impactful programs.

Financial Aid Support


Support low-income Betabox Scholars and Title 1 K12 Members through recurring financial aid to access Betabox hands-on curriculum and training.

Digital Educational Marketing

Boosted Quests

Support the development & promotion of a custom made free online “Quest” for students to learn STEM skills related to your industry.

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