Betabox Announces Red Hat CO.LAB Collaboration for 2018 & 2019

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Upstart EdTech company Betabox, Inc., is working with Red Hat to deliver an education outreach program that will begin in 2018 and continue into 2019.

Raleigh, North Carolina – November, 2018: Betabox, Inc. will work with Red Hat to support CO.LAB, presented by Open Source Stories, an educational outreach initiative focusing on middle school students in STEM and STEAM. CO.LAB is a unique experience that introduces the students to the principles of open source — and to a world of technology and collaboration.
The collaboration, which began in early September 2018, is designed to bring Red Hat CO.LAB’s innovative open source curriculum to life via Betabox’s mobile technology labs. The companies will travel across North America to deliver the program to various schools and organizations through the beginning of Summer 2019.

“CO.LAB is part of Red Hat’s Open Source Stories and encourages non-technical students to become more involved in STEM and STEAM activities. It’s important to us to create an inspiring and engaging experience, which begins with the physical environment. Betabox and Red Hat have similar goals of empowering the next generation of technical enthusiasts, so collaborating with them was a great fit.” said Paula Weigel, Director of Brand Activations for Red Hat.


“We are thrilled to be working with Red Hat on their CO.LAB program. Red Hat understands the power of investing in one’s brand through impactful educational outreach. We are proud to share in the mission of Red Hat’s CO.LAB program, and we hope that this collaboration acts as a springboard for other companies looking to commit to similar social impact driven marketing strategies.” said Betabox CEO, Sean Newman Maroni.

Betaboxes are configurable mobile technology labs that are designed to create inclusive and inviting spaces for creativity and innovation to emerge from anyone who enters. Betabox partners are able to customize, brand, and design their Betabox lab to specification, while still staying nimble by retaining the custom lab on a flexible “on-demand” lease structure.

By working with companies like Red Hat, Betabox is diligently working to deliver on its mission of bringing hands-on learning experiences everywhere. Betabox believes that these powerful in-person moments in a young person’s life can offer the potential to dramatically alter their career trajectory. Currently in the southeast, Betabox Experiences can also be booked directly by K12 schools, and Betabox offers funding for Title 1 and underserved schools.

“Working with Red Hat, and helping them take their CO.LAB program to the next level, is a dream come true. Betabox’s services are a great compliment to Red Hat’s mission for the CO.LAB program. We’re proud to support a program that takes such a collaborative and inclusive approach to education outreach. We look forward to helping make this program a success for years to come.” said Greg Pearlman, Betabox

A separate announcement will be made regarding the plans for each city and the schedule for each visit.

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Betabox is on a mission to bring world-class hands-on learning everywhere. To deliver on this mission Betabox creates and operates educational infrastructure for some of the world’s most respected companies and brands. Our mission is to engage 1 million young people in hands-on, real world educational experiences by 2020. Our national fleet of modular tech labs can be configured with rapid prototyping, life sciences, and digital technologies curated to support a variety of educational and new product development initiatives. To learn more about our mission and products, visit or email

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