AARP Partners with Betabox Learning to bring the Hololens to DC

In Industry Case Studies by Sean Newman Maroni

Providing innovative solutions that improve medical outcomes for senior citizens is one of the biggest areas for growth in the healthcare industry. As technology continues to improve and new programs develop, it becomes imperative that seniors across the country are kept abreast of these changes through education. Accessing modern technologies helps promote cognitive health, enrich interpersonal communications, and facilitate other long-term benefits, such as reduced depression symptoms.

AARP and Booz Allen Hamilton, two companies at the forefront of this movement, were excited to partner with Betabox to help spread the word and adoption of their respective programs.


Betabox partnered with AARP and Booz Allen Hamilton in the fall to deliver a week-long program in Washington, D.C in high-visibility locations. Here, seniors engaged with product demonstrations that utilized the Microsoft HoloLens and Oculus Rift technologies. Our main goals were to educate seniors and potential AARP members how technologies, like Virtual and Mixed Reality, could improve cognitive functionality and promote primary pillars of brain health such as interpersonal relationships, nutrition, mobility, and relaxation.

As attendees entered the co-branded AARP & Booz Allen Hamilton Betabox, they were introduced to two demonstrations: a Microsoft HoloLens simulation (highlighting how this technology could improve doctor/patient communication and results) and an Oculus Rift display (showcasing how Virtual Reality could be a viable alternative to traditional exercise). The demonstrations were facilitated by AARP and Booz Allen Hamilton employees who informed participants how their organizations were pioneering better health outcomes for seniors.

Over 300 participants had participated in the program by the end of the week.


By partnering with Betabox, AARP and Booz Allen Hamilton were able to generate awareness, interest, and adoption into their program ecosystem. The teams did an amazing job of introducing cutting-edge technologies that were accessible and relatable. After participation, resources were provided for seniors to stay educated and engaged in maintaining a healthy cognitive lifestyle.

Leveraging the Betabox infrastructure for the week allowed both partners to reach and educate more seniors, which helped proliferate adoption to the technologies and programs that were introduced in the demonstrations.


AARP and Booz Allen Hamilton utilized a suite of Betabox’s Boost platform services to deliver this program. In addition co-branding the Betabox, our team provided key resources to ensure that the week was streamlined and efficient in assisting our partners achieve their goals.

The Betabox team sent two employees into the field to run the day-to-day operations of the Betabox itself, provide the technology, facilitate the program, and manage the transportation logistics to ensure the Betabox was delivered and picked up on time for every location.

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Over the course of the week-long engagement, over 300 seniors were actively engaged around the Washington, DC area. Program volunteers from the AARP and Booz Allen Hamilton teams were delighted with the outcomes that utilized our Betabox, including the brand exposure and media attention that the program garnered.