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Boost student engagement with an onsite field trip.

Betabox offers onsite hands-on workshops in mobile tech labs. These experiences harness the intrinsic interests of your students to teach STEM + Design fundamentals.


  • ‘That was the absolute coolest! I didn’t know that’s what engineers do.’

    – Sathi C, 6th grader

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Formats that fit your school.

Every month our design team crafts a brand new high-impact experience from scratch.


2-5 days in length, students interact in Betabox each day. They work on teams building projects.


Onsite Field Trip

The 'Onsite Field Trip' format offers each student a class period in Betabox. It's high energy, immersive, and hands-on.


Professional Development

Experiences for educators. Learn how to create, sustain, and improve your hands-on learning offerings.

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We offer a range of STEM and Design experiences. Our current lineup of experiences can be found here.
A Betabox rental costs between $1,000 – $2,500 per day depending on class size, experience type, location, and a few other factors.

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What’s a Betabox?

A Betabox is a mobile technology lab designed to create an enriching an immersive learning environment.

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Our commitment to educators

We know what a privilege it is to have an hour of attention from your students. We are absolutely aware of how precious a class period is. That is why we battle test all of our experiences in partnership with schools before adding them to our lineup.

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Sustaining your makerspace

In addition to providing onsite hands-on learning experiences, Betabox works with schools and districts to sustain and grow makerspace and hands-on learning efforts.

Betabox Leasing

For schools interested in leasing our mobile Betabox facilities on a longer term basis. Ideal for schools with limited classroom space.

Betabox Leasing
Tech Cubes

Eliminating the up front cost and complexity of starting a makerspace. Lease all equipment from Betabox, and gain access to our educational resources and onsite tech support.

Betabox Cubes
Makerspace PD

Get the knowledge you need to sustain a hands-on learning space. Learn how to really make technology work for your school.

Betabox PD

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