Media Release

Your child is scheduled to participate in an upcoming Private Betabox eCamp. The Virtual STEM Camp is an opportunity for your child to build technology skills and collaborate with other students.

Betabox eCamps take place virtually within Zoom teleconference rooms, and by authorizing your student to attend an eCamp you agree to the Betabox privacy policy.

Key points of privacy policy:

  • eCamp sessions may be recorded for internal training purposes by Betabox. Training Recordings are stored on Betabox servers and are not shared externally.
  • Screenshots of eCamp sessions may be captured by Betabox and used for external use. If parent or Guardian does not explicitly grant Betabox, Inc. permission to externally use images, child face, name, and all associated will be blurred or concealed.

The form below is an optional Media Release that grants Betabox, Inc. permission to use images and video captured during eCamp sessions externally without concealing face and first name of child. Last Names will never be shared.