Learning anything hard requires motivation, and motivation starts with interest and curiosity. Betabox Onsite Field Trips are memorable hands-on learning experiences designed from the bottom-up to boost student interest & self-confidence in technology & science.

Since 2015 we’ve been bringing our mobile tech labs to K12 schools all around the country. Our team is a groups of passionate engineers and educators that all have one thing in common – we learn best when doing. What we’ve learned from over 1,000 field trips is simple: students do too.
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How Does It Work?

Learn how build your own field trip.

1. Choose a topic.

From aerospace to science we’ve got a range of field trips that will work for you.

2. Secure a date

Our planning team will help you secure a date, and event arrange funding if needed.

3. Pre-Lessons

Choose a time to facilitate the optional prelessons.

4. Host the Betabox!

Learn how to get started.

5. Keep the party going

Access Betabox resources to engage parents and even outfit your classroom to sustain the excitement.

Ready to try?

Chat with us to ask your remaining questions, or to start your Field Trip booking today.

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