Betabox COVID-19 Response

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First and foremost we hope that this message finds all of you healthy, safe, and at home as we prepare as a nation to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. As trusted partners to K-12 schools and districts across the Southeast, we understand the significant impact that this health crisis has had on the education community that’s creating a “new normal” many of us are being forced to accept. This may mean transitioning to distance learning , but for many of you there are still unknowns. One thing is certain: families at home across the country appreciate and depend on the fortitude of our teachers.

We want to assure our community that we are taking COVID-19 very seriously. We are adhering to the mandates and guidelines from all of the individual districts and states that we work in and as of now, all of our Betabox On-Site Field Trips that were scheduled for Spring 2020 have been postponed to the fall. We will be here to help our schools reschedule when they are ready to open back up and in the interim, our main priority is to help alleviate any stresses our educators are experiencing.

How Can Betabox Help K12?

What can Betabox do to help support education during school closures? In the past year we have been building an online platform that supplements our On-Site Field Trips as a way to extend the knowledge that the students learn with us into the classroom. Providing these online lessons to teachers allows students to experience Betabox anywhere! 

Over the next few weeks we are going to roll out resources and new ways to support teachers and students that are now working at a distance. We’ve launched a brand new Resources Page that includes a variety of free and hands-on activities so make sure you keep checking that for updates. We encourage our users to make suggestions as we continue to add content to the platform; this collaborative input will enrich the material that others can use! While it is a difficult time for many of us, we believe our resilience will be strong when we get through this together.