Landing Zones

Identify landing site according to visual data from the Rover camera.

Lake View
77.153°N 95.875°E

The JPL team believes that at the poles, Titan contains lakes of Methane. If you’re at Lake View, your rover will be able to see a bluish purple lake. On the shores of the lake, the ground will look dark, almost black. This black coloration is believed to be a sticky sludge-like material.

We’re at Lake View
Mud Flats
10.573°S 192.335°W

The JPL team believes this location is a muddy flatland. If your rover is at this location you should see an orange surface. You might be able to see craggy mountains in the background. Some scientists also believe that you may find orange ice rocks at this location.

We’re at Mud Flats
Dune Fields
43.516°S 52.019°W

The JPL team believes this zone is home to sand-like dunes of fine grained material. This landing zone may be hilly, like a California desert. At this site, your rover should be observing orange hills and dunes. In the sky, you may see Saturn itself staring back at you.

We’re at Dune Field