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Create your own experiential programs anywhere

For two years we’ve been working hard at Betabox to make it possible for anyone to create anywhere. This mission has led us to create beautifully functional mobile lab spaces like this:

Over the next few years we aim to engage 1 million people in these labs.

We have sent labs all over the country. We’ve solved hundreds of small roadblocks that we didn’t know existed to get there.

We’ve invented dozens of novel engineering solutions to make the experience of learning and creating in a small space delightful.

We’ve aggregated a network of Experts that facilitate the learning process in our labs in order to spark memorable human connections with participants.

And now after two years of hard work we are ready to take another big step forward.

We are making our labs available for other organizations’ use too.

We call this Betabox Lab Services (BLS), and it is now live.

What can I build on BLS?

Think of Betabox Lab Services as a bit like your cloud computing provider. Cloud companies like IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft run and maintain the complex backend systems needed to host your website.

Well, we do this exact same thing for hands-on marketing and educational experiences your company wants to unleash.

So what kind of experiences do we have in mind?

1. Educational Outreach

Companies like Capital One, and Freudenberg Performance Materials already trust us to deploy educational outreach programs for their Social Responsibility teams. These companies are creating impact in their communities (and engaging employees) by deploying unique experiences in our labs at schools and in communities.

2. Innovation in the field

Innovation does not happen in a vacuum. To create breakthrough products and services you must solicit feedback from your end consumers. That is what our design partner Brado Creative Insight is doing for their clients in Betabox labs. In fact, Brado won the 2016 EXPLOR AWARD for their breakthrough work.

3. On-Campus Recruiting

Let’s face it, it’s hard to stand out as a top-tier employer at university career fairs. The top 5% of any STEM program don’t want to stand in line at a booth just to be told they need to apply online.

They want to make stuff. They want to show what they can do.

STEM employers make that possible by hosting on-campus hardware hackathons in Betaboxes. This differentiates our customers from their competitors who are recruiting the same students.

These are a few of the most unique ways companies are using Betabox to innovate, build their brand, and increase revenues.

If you can think it we can deploy it

Our goal with Betabox Lab Services is straightforward: make it easy for you to create impact outside the walls of headquarters.

Contact our team to learn more about Betabox Lab Services.